Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day Trip from Sydney - Mangrove Mountains to Wiseman Ferry

Google map
Mangrove Mountain to Wiseman Ferry route
I decided to kick off ANZAC day with exploring some new roads near Sydney and trust me it was a great decision. I plan to cover Mangrove Mountain to Wiseman Ferry; the road is 50+ kilometres  and need approximately 1.5 hours of drive time; however if you live in North of Sydney a round trip will be approximately 180 kilometres and 3.5 hours of driving.Click here to see the route in Google map.

I along with my kids head off north along with F3 and took exit at Calga after approximate 50 minutes of drive. We than progressed on Peals ridge road for approximately 20 minutes to reach Mangrove mountain. The drive was pleasant and one can observe lots of farm life, fresh fruits and vegetables on the way.

Rusted Engine at a Farm

Beautiful Country Side
We soon started on our journey from Mangrove Mountain to Wiseman Ferry. For the first few kilometres the road was rough but soon it has improved. The journey to Wiseman Ferry includes few very twisted winding roads, they are exciting and fun for driver. At times your driving skills will be tested if you are trying to keep the car on top end of speed limits. I'll definitely not recommend the trip the people who get motion sick very quickly. Soon, the road runs next to a river and you can see the mangroves all through the way. The scenery and beauty on the both side of the roads is unmatched.

We soon reached Spenser, a small village where we break for lunch. It was a small village restaurant plus bottle shop. It has almost everything you look for a small trip, including beer, wine, chips, ice cream, ice etc. you name it they have it. We enjoyed lunch, sitting next to the river. The ambience was calm soothing and pleasant. 

View from Spenser Village

 We soon head back to road and started enjoying the views and drive and came across this beautiful spot below :


Directions from Wiseman Ferry
As you keep driving you will come across Wiseman ferry, please see the map on right. The ferry operates 24 x7 and will ferry your car. As

you cross the ferry there is a beautiful park with all the facilities. It is a fun place to pass the time and enjoy with family before you head home. While driving back to home one should not miss Hawkins lookout  it a beautiful view of the river below.

View from Hawkins lookout

Please try out the route and provide your comments and feel free to add your experience as well...